Monday, November 14, 2016

top 5 OSP apps in Google Play

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Contribution ID: 384
Type : Short Paper - Abstract
Title : Deployment of physics simulation apps using Easy JavaScript Simulations
Author(s) : García Clemente, Félix Jesús; Esquembre Martínez, Francisco; Wee, Loo Kang
Presenting Author : García Clemente, Félix Jesús
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IEEE EDUCON - Global Engineering Education 2017

top 5 Open Source Physics apps in Google Play correct as of 14/11/2016

S/NName of AppDownloads/InstallsDate Published
1AC Generator 3D Virtual Lab40118/08/2016
2DC Motor 3D Simulator Lab71718/08/2016
3Micrometer Simulator333811/08/2016
4Oscilloscope Simulator20514/08/2016
5Vernier Calipers Simulator294810/08/2016