Friday, December 2, 2016

email that i wish could send all teachers

Dear Teachers,

Members of the Educational Technology Division ETD Learning Communities has prototyped some Play Books, Android and iOS simulation Apps and a Digital Library that might be interesting for you to know and explore, as a ground approach to achieving MP4 goals for Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners”. 

Below are some samples of FREE resources by Open Source Physics @ SG co-developed by ETD and the 12 schools teachers who collaborated with ETD since 2012.

Do email me back if you are interested to develop some materials together with our ETD Learning Communities and as eduLab projects in 2018.

2 Android Apps

3 iOS apps (many thanks to Mr. Ezzy Chan)


4. ETD Digital Library OSP@SG Portfolio: (many thanks to Ms Lye Sze Yee)