Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TRIASI workshop 2017 Exploring Customisable Math Apps March 22 2017

TRIASI workshop 2017 Exploring Customisable* Math Apps March 22 2017

customisation is possible due to the open source code license, but it requires some knowledge of Easy JavaScript Modeling Tool to modify the all the Math Apps created by us.


Dear Participant,

Thank you for registering in the following workshop:

Title: Exploring Customisable Math Apps
Date: 22 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Venue: eduLab@AST (Block J Level 4) 2, Malan Road, Singapore 109433, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Tel: 6664 1450 (Walk towards the canteen and climb the stairs up to highest floor following the green signages)

Getting there: Please see the attached for directions to AST.
Parking: MOE staff are permitted to park their vehicles within AST. Please refer to the attached map for alternative parking (10 min walk away).
Refreshments: A short tea break with some light snacks will be provided.

Things to bring:
  1. Civil Service Card (to clear security)
  2. Personal Laptop or Office Laptop or Others (if any)
  3. IAMS password for wifi access 
  4. Personal handphone to setup personal wifi is encouraged

Please arrive 5 mins before the stipulated time as the workshop will start punctually to ensure that we have ample time for exploration and discussion.

We certainly look forward to meeting you. ☺

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For further enquiries and clarifications, please contact us at


1. Mr Wee Loo Kang
2. Thong CH
3. Woo Huey Ming
4. Shannalyn
5. Samuel Tan


Exploring Customisable Math Apps



Date and Time

25 Jan, 22 Mar, 3 May
1430 - 1730 hours
Mr Lawrence Wee Loo Kang


Learn how customisable Math Apps can engage students in activities to explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills in a fun way.
Participants will learn how Math Apps can be used in activity-based learning.

Content Outline

By the end of the session, the participants should be able to
1. Use the Math Apps to help students uncover abstract mathematical concepts or results
2. Customize Math Apps to meet students’ learning needs



Looking for interesting ideas to help your students explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills in a fun way? The Math Apps allow students to experiment, explore and construct meanings and understandings between concrete and abstract mathematical ideas. The workshop facilitators will also share their experiences using Math Apps for teaching & learning and how to customize the Math Apps to suit your students’ learning needs.

Workshop Flow

10 mins introduce Math LC,  community  overview (CH and HM), tools (geogebra, maps etc)


Useful ICT Tools for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics


  1. Geogebra
  2. Geometer Sketchpad
  3. Mathematics PlaySpace
  4. Desmo

Virtual Manipulatives

  1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  2. eduplace
  3. Mathplayground
  4. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Illuminations
  5. Flash Apps  Number and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Statistics
  7. NRICH Enriching Mathematics
  8. Open Educational Resources

Collaboration and Communication

  1. Google Apps for Education
  2. TodaysMeet
  3. Padlet
  4. Popplet
  5. Lino
  6. Explain Everything
  7. Doceri
  8. Screencast-O-Matic

Formative Assessment

  1. Poll Everywhere
  2. Plickers
  3. Socrative
  4. Kahoot
  5. Formative
  6. Nearpod
  7. Quizizz
  8. Educaplay
  9. PingPong
  10. GoSoapBox

Online Games 

  1. Mathplayground
  2. Coolmath4kids
  3. Arcademics
  4. Fuel the brain
  • The information contained in the list is compiled for general reference purposes only. It does not represent the opinion of MOE, nor endorsement of any products or services. MOE is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the content of the linked websites.
  • The use of ICT should complement children’s learning experiences, and be age and developmentally appropriate, in particular to younger children.

30 mins discuss what is in the syllabus that we can work together

30 mins break and networking

10 mins Discuss what are some features you want added, LK will add if possible, changes typically done in 7 days or so.

20 mins sharing by participants what are some of the digital apps websites used currently

10 mins  guest speaker?
10 survey

Link1Link 2


What do you like best about the session?

What are the areas of improvement for the session?

What is/are the name(s) of the featured tool(s) you would be trying?

Mirror (OPAL login required)


The all materials are on the links
Do try to sign up of the other 2 workshops, if you are interested to see what changes have been made to the apps we make, based on your feedback.

More information on this senior specialist research project can be found on the link below

Thank you


What do you like best about the session?

  1. Hands-on session
  2. Lots of useful websites shared , good apps to be used in the classroom and shared back in school
  3. List of apps
  4. Novel tools shared. Clear and concise. 
  5. Finding out more ICT tools for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics 
  6. Sharing of applications for use
  7. The different tools available
  8. The list of tools given will be very useful. 
  9. A whole list of useful links and resources was generously given to the teachers
  10. Sharing of math apps that I did not know existed
  11. List of helpful applications
  12. Resources
  13. Different web links for various ICT tools for T&L are provided for different purposes.
  14. interesting website to try on (virtual manipulatives)
  15. Hands-on
  16. Sharing of resources for teaching of primary mathematics
  17. Introduction of new apps that I have not seen before
  18. The sharing of the applications that are useful for teaching and learning
  19. The range of ICT Tools for teaching of Mathematics
  20. Getting to try different apps
  21. showing of examples
  22. the useful websites/resources given
  23. the list of apps / websites that was given is very good 
  24. Customisable of apps
  25. The apps that were shared. Telling time and multiples/factors
  26. Sharing of multiple useful tools 

What are the areas of improvement for the session?

  1. More time to try out the tools. Too many website given only 10 mins to try
  2. Nil
  3. Look at specific topics and how to use the apps to teach the topics
  4. -
  5. It can be shorter as teachers can go back to school to explore the different websites by themselves instead of doing during the workshop
  6. Nil
  7. Lessons on how to create apps for ipads.
  8. The tools can be shown according to different levels and topics.
  9. More time given for us to explore the apps
  10. More structured guidance and facilitators to go around to help
  11. Nil
  12. More in depth explanations
  13. -N.A-
  14. could made it more hands on by enabling the participants to really customise the app on our own :) 
  15. More up-to-date apps or sites which can be used on tablets.
  16. NIL
  17. Got lost during the process on the website to click
  18. NIL
  19. More hands-on, let the teachers explore and post the comments on their own. Some of the facilitators are going too fast before we could get to the page. Would be good if there are people around to help the participants. 
  20. Could provide more samples of how to use the apps
  21. Maybe it will be good to send the links earlier so that the participants can try first
  22. It's too fast. I am not good in ICT so I am lost throughout the course.
  23. apps to be more colourful as they are for primary school students
  24. Language used in Math lesson are important. Do check with MOE the exact words to used in the apps.
  25. Need to share more apps on iStore as many school and students are more familiar with iPads. 
  26. To show how some of the collaborative tools can be used in the classroom 

What is/are the name(s) of the featured tool(s) you would be trying?

  1. Mathematics Playspace, Flash App
  2. Nearpod, the maps
  3. mathplayground
  4. Flash Apps 
  5. Mathematics PlaySpace / iwant2study
  6. Mathplayground
  7. MapsLive
  8. Flash Apps - Symmetry 
  9. Plickers
  10. The apps that can be used on android
  11. Map
  12. Iwant2study apps
  13. Mathematics PlaySpace
  15. Doceri, Flash Apps, Class Kick
  16. Telling time app
  17. Flash Apps
  18. MaPS
  19. Flash apps
  20. Mathplayground
  21. classkick
  22. Manipulatives and games
  23. padlet and popplet
  24. Geogebra
  25. iwant2study
  26. kahoot 

I have learnt something new.The learning objectives were achieved.The Instructional resources provided are useful.The presentation was clear.The session met my learning needs.I would recommend the session to others.The questions raised during the session were addressed adequately.The facilitation of the session was effective for my learning.SQ Rating